About Us

Darsef Enterprises Limited was founded in 1995. Darsef is the leader in the importation and sales of different kind of paper ranging from Bond in reels, Bond in Sheets, Art paper in Reels and Sheets, Newsprint, Cover paper etc.
Our customers had extended to different part of the country and this was possible through excellent customer care, dedication to customers’ need, staff efficiency and competitive prices. Our primary objective is to satisfy our customers in term of availability of different kinds of papers whenever they demand for it. Darsef also convert paper in reels to sheets according to the required size(s). We provide a wide range of standardized and customized paper to corporate organizations and retailers. Our services also include delivery of the goods to different part of the country.

Our vision is to become the leading, technology driven paper converter engineering the innovation of superior, highly differentiated, needs-based paper products.

Our mission is to provide avant-garde paper based solutions that strengthen our customer’s brand identity and affirm our commitment to enhancing stake holders overall brand experience.  

Management Team

Darsef Enterprises Limited is a fast growing Company that is managed by experienced professionals who are dedicated and committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Qualified and experienced Managers
  • Well organized and courteous staff
  • Disciplined and Hard working Employees
  • Comfortable environment

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